Fancy Doing Something Different?

Chase away the winter blues at Goblin Combe. Enjoy the benefits of fresh air, daylight and company whilst relaxing the mind and exercising the body.  Contact us for more information

  • Courses typically run weekly for 5 weeks
  • Feel more confident around others and in your own abilities
  • Improve physical fitness, team work and communication skills
  • Develop skills for self employment
  • Prepare for the next step in your life

We Have a Range of Options Available:

Isolation busting and confidence building

Enjoy woodland walks, cooking over a campfire, shooting arrows on the archery range, producing a movie and watching it in our woodland cinema, meeting new people, making new friends in a safe and supportive environment.

Outdoor Activities

Learn about, design and run a series of outdoor activities for friends and family.

Woodland cooking

Challenge yourself and your culinary skills like never before as you prepare and cook from scratch a variety of dishes over the fire sure to delight tummies from Bristol to Weston Super Mare.

Woodland Cafe

Set up, run and manage a woodland pop up café cooking over a campfire.

Woodland Well-being

Take out time to appreciate the tranquillity of the woodlands. De-stress and get back to basics.

Circus Cabaret

Put together and star in a circus cabaret for friends and family.

Interactive Theatre

Design and perform in an interactive walk to spook your friends and family. 

Design you own!

Get in touch and let us know what your needs are. We can put a bespoke course together for you.