With over 20 years experience delivering outdoor learning experiences for school groups, I am able to offer a wide variety of activities and experiences to best suit your group. Your day can be very structured with whole class activities, offer a free range forest school experience with a range of activities available for children to dip in and out of as they choose, or a mixture of the two. The day can be jam packed with high energy activity, or offer a slower paced, more relaxed vibe, again the choice is yours.

Some of the activities on offer are listed below. Please do get in touch so we can plan your perfect day.

  • Explore the woodland and learn about the ecology
  • Focus your energy and learn to safely whittle
  • Learn some new knots and make rope bridges to climb and play on
  • Swing in hammocks and balance on slack lines
  • Understand risk and how to manage it whilst lighting your own campfire in small groups
  • Build dens, add special features, follow your imagination, play, persevere and succeed.
  • Take on your classmates in a Laser Nerf Battle
  • Work together to beat the survival challenges, from the sinking Titanic to transporting Nuclear waste, these tasks are sure to generate lots of smiles and laughter, whilst also putting bodies and brains to the test.
  • Enjoy the sport of archery, learn to shoot real arrows, with real bows. Once your feeling confident test your new skills with a variety of games and challenges.