We have over seventeen years experience delivering age appropriate outdoor learning experiences with school groups. We can tailor your day to fit in with a specific theme or suggest activities that will be suitable for you

  • Explore the woodland.
  • Fun games that will challenge leadership, communication, empathy and problem solving.
  • Themed art projects using natural and scavenged materials.
  • Treasure hunt challenges.
  • Team building exercises.
  • Choose your challenge and step out of your comfort zone.
  • Embedded Maths, English and British Values.
  • Guided reflection.


  • Qualified archery instructors will guide you through safety and technique.
  • Large Outdoor range.
  • Games and challenges to test your skills!

Fire Lighting

  • Introduction to fire lighting and the fire triangle
  • Create a flame without matches or a lighter
  • Toast marshmallows 

Woodland Cooking

  • Prepare some campfire pizza bread and cook it over the campfire

All About Maps

  • Introduction to maps, what are they for and how do we use them.
  • Orienteering

Life in the Woodland

  • Games, activities and creative projects to learn about the natural environment and it’s inhabitants.
  • Use ID charts, pooters and magni jars to examine the flora and fauna.
  • Physically interact with, and explore the natural woodlands.

Den Building

  • Work in teams to build dens and add special features
  • Present your achievements to the group before entering the den and preparing for the ultimate challenge- is it waterproof!